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M A I N__P R O J E C T

LUCID Manga by bunnyvoid
USING THIS STORY FOR NANOWRIMO. Its been totally revamped. Title has been changed to "Saving Code Spyr"

STATUS: Ongoing Revisions

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Fully Colored, with free lineart and sketch


NaNoWriMo Challenge#1 - Saving Code Spyr

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 9:30 AM

I'll be participating in Nanowrimo 2015. This is part of my preparation. I'm trying to sketch out in written form how Illume's voice will be like. If you're interested, you can also try this exercise link 

My writing skill is a work in progress. I still have lots to learn.

CHALLENGE 01: Have your protagonist introduce themselves to us in first person using their own voice. Brainstorm ways to make their voice unique.

I don't feel like introducing my self to a bunch of strangers but since I'm already here, I should just do this.

Hi, I'm Illume Knight. I came from an alternate reality, so unlike this cybernetic world. Just a few weeks ago, my mom had me salvage my late father's belongings. Its been a year since he died of a mysterious disease. Doctors suspected substance abuse. The details we had were vague. Before the incident, he's was employed as some sort of engineer for a big tech company. Some say he'd gone crazy after a few years on the job. We didn't really know. He and mom had separated before I was born. I had never met this man in person. It didn't bother me too much... I was more concerned with the way mom insisted that I do the dirty work. The investigators required a family member to execute the final check on his belongings. Government said we'll receive quite a sum from father's will. We needed the money so we couldn't refuse.

It was Kli Scyon International Hero's day when I flew in, so the capital was super hyped. While everyone were busy partying, I was about to hole up in my dead father's shed to scavenge his old stuff. Hopefully, I would dig up some sort of useful inheritance if not gold. Heh. As I walk to the street from the airport, festive music blasted from the built in audio installed all over town. The celebration had just begun. Lights and fireworks flashed across the sky. There were dancing, parades, and lots of confetti. Part of me wanted to gaze with awe but all I could muster were profanities and frustration.

"Fuck you, Kli Scyon." My words were crisp enough for by-standers to notice. "Whatever you did, didn't save me... or my dad." Then I took a cab after feeling slightly ashamed. It was depressing.

The drive to his house wasn't exactly pleasant. We had the right address but the location just happened to be absurd. Father lived in a nondescript building under a massive industrial bridge. The taxi driver was so pissed on how I missed that tiny detail. Of course, he charged double. I regretted taking this responsibility from mom without protest. I should have complained, even just a little.

The investigators stood by the gate. After showing my ids and a couple of other documents, I was in. Police are ironic. How could a fourteen year old boy be a threat to grown men with guns.
The place wasn't as gloomy as I imagined. It was actually neat. Maybe my father wasn't so bad. Mom never said a thing. I must be lucky to at least know that I had one. We got past the hallway and ascended to the upper floor. There were lots of rooms; quite spacious. The place looked more like an office. They eventually led me to this strange blast-proof door and handed me a key.

"We amassed your father's belonging in this area. The law recommends that you go through this by yourself."

I sighed in resignation. I should have refused. But like any gullible teen, partly eager and implied to have no other choice, I accepted the task and went in the room alone.

I surveyed the landscape unto where I'm about to search. Much of it were tidied up into boxes, organized in multiples rows and columns. There were labels but I wasn't too keen on them. What caught my attention was this wall to ceiling encasement at the end. It was a display of some sort for father's personal inventions. I did not hesitate to slide open its glass panels.

He had this headgear apparatus which looked pretty cool. The name 'SpyrOS' was engraved on its temple. It got me curious so I started tinkering with it. But the thing suddenly lit up. It drew out leg like appendages around my neck. It was  quick. I couldn't react. My face got crushed by its metal body. Then there was this shock. I collapsed. I lost vision. And then I lost hearing. I couldn't even hear myself scream. I could only suppose how this strange creature had brutally devoured my head right after.

My consciousness came back and the horror of the experience woke me up. I was in another strange reality. Lots of lights and lots of metal. That was my first impression of Spyridon. My body was transferred and strapped to a glass bed that permanently hovered on center of an egg enclosure. At that point, I already stopped caring about the circumstances I'm about to experience.

"I'm glad I didn't meet my dad." I thought to myself as elegant lines of binary code crept up from either pole of my prone position. "He must have been weird as fuck."

I waited a few more minutes until the thing cracked open. Steam released from the capsule. Odd-looking folks appeared and claimed that I'm their cyborg messiah. They insisted that I am destined to save this world from an impending apocalypse. Their prophecy sounded silly but after discovering that I could disintegrate an entire fleet by exposing them to my pulse radiation, I started to believe a little.

Skin by SimplySilent





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